Coming soonThe term “validators” means those retailers or commercial establishments that want to validate or pay someone else a certain dollar amount (or other currency depending on the country) for their parking as a gesture for their business. This option can be a great service offered by retail establishments to their patrons for frequenting them. This can create a certain sense of goodwill among their customers, as well as providing a means of obtaining information from customers at a low cost in order to deploy targeted marketing initiatives (since their phone numbers would stay in record).


There are two types of validation: validation where there is an effective transfer of funds to the customer and the one where there is no transfer of funds but rather a reduction in the customer’s amount to pay for parking


Usually, validation in the form of an actual transfer of funds takes place for customers parked in a street that has a parking enforcement ; when retailer is not in a shopping mall and  has not  its own or shared parking lot. In these cases, the only things that are needed in order to validate someone are an active member account with enough credit (the account transferring funds) and the mobile phone number of the customer that is going to receive the validation. When this type of validation occurs, funds are immediately transferred from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account, and the latter receives within a few seconds an SMS communication informing him of the amounts received and the source of the funds. This validation is a transfer of funds from one account to another.


This would be the case, for instance, when a pharmacy wants to “validate” his customer even though he parked on the street (and there is no actual parking ticket).


Thus, a commercial establishment may want to offer a customer a parking validation of $2 as a goodwill gesture for his business, even though this amount may not exactly correspond with the actual amount charged for a 2 hour stay for that corresponding meter/PAD machine during that time of day. In this case, if the meter rate was $1.50 per hour, a 2 hour stay would correspond to $3.


In the case that the recipient does not have an account, the SMS message will contain an invitation to enroll him on the spot from his mobile phone (or at a later time through the web) so that he can obtain access to the funds in his account. While the recipient has not been enrolled or registered, the funds sent to his mobile phone number will be kept in a separate account that won’t be touched until the recipient enrolls or registers. Once he registers, the funds will be transferred to his account.


In case the funds validated (or sent) to a phone number are not claimed in a period of N days (depending on state laws), these funds will become property of Mobiliz and will be counted as revenue.


Commercial (retailer) accounts will need to register for this service via Web. Once they have registered for the service and set up their account, including those phone numbers approved to offer validation, they will be able to offer the service of validation (transfer) via phone.

Commercial (retailer) accounts are able to use this feature from any phone associated with their account.

Commercial Parking Validation setup – Retailer – establishments inside a mall (Off street parking)

This is a custom-made integration to a parking operator infrastructure. Mobiliz integrates via web services with a parking operator’s infrastructure at a mall or parking lot. The operator can then offer the establishments in the mall or near by the parking facility the service of electronic validation to their clients  through their cellphones or web. The parking operator is the one that registers the retailers allowed to offer this service of validation.

  • In this case, unlike the above mentioned validation process, the validation is not a transfer of funds but rather a discount or reduction on the customer’s amount to pay for parking. The parking operator must set in Mobiliz the catalog of all the different validations types that Retailers could offer, including their description as well as their validation code. Validations could be, for instance, 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 exit, $1 dollar, $2 dollars, etc.
  • The Retailer then needs to do just two things: 1) register the phones and names of the employees that are allowed to offer parking validation to its customers, and 2) select the validation codes that they want to offer (from the whole set of codes created by the Parking Operator) and optionally,  set the minimum sales ticket amount a customer must reach to obtain each validation code.
  • When the customer pays for parking, he calls the IVR (or go online) and enters the ticket number. The IVR connects with Mobiliz corresponding web service, searches if there is an active validation (or more than 1) for that ticket number and if so obtains the codes, and calculates the total amount to pay (after subtracting the value of all validation codes), and the net amount to pay checking  if there is enough in the member’s account balance to pay and if so, will process payment and send confirmation to parking Operator’s infrastructure -who will consider the ticket as paid-
  •    As part of the validation, each time a retailer validates a parking ticket, an SMS may be sent to the user on behalf of the validation establishment to thank for his business
  • Reports can be generated so Retailers and Operators can monitor their validations, and for auditing purposes (since the sales ticket number is recorded)


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