Parking Operators

Mobiliz’s service allows parking operators to provide users with additional payment options (by phone) with added functionality such as reminders to stop an active parking transaction or when time is about to expire, to pay with their own accounts, cash or credit cards. It requires no initial investment in hardware, eliminates operating and maintenance costs and considerably reduces cities’ new parking deployment time and cost.

For instance, setting up a 10,000 parking spot installation with meters or PAD machines would have a setup cost of $12 MM, with annual operating costs from $1.8 MM (electrical meters) to $2.5 MM (PADs), plus the cost of consumables. With this service the same deployment reduces set up, operating and consumables cost to zero. All that would be needed is some signage cost of around $8,000, and the deployment would be done much faster.

A good example of this could be the Pay By Phone Only parking zones. With a minimal investment a city could deploy an on-street parking zone just by placing signs on the streets saying “Pay By Phone Only –Parking zone.

The platform allows operators to deploy the service immediately, both for existing parking operations or new ones. It integrates with current operator’s infrastructure, eliminates or reduces vandalism, provides detailed operating and financial information, provides tools for managing multiple flexible rate structures and improving revenue, and integrates a patent pending solution for managing congestion through demand based dynamic pricing. Mobiliz will allow users to pay for their on-street parking in any city in Florida with their Sunpass account, and the same could be done with any local Toll collector.