Local Country Franchise Opportunities


Local Representative Partner Program

Mobiliz is leveraging its International Mobile Parking platform globally by partnering with local companies that possess extensive experience in the industry and local market knowledge- as their Local Representatives. Mobiliz is currently offering and implementing local rep programs in Mexico, South America, and the USA.

Mobiliz is seeking to establish joint ventures with local partners in markets where the company believes there are value-added benefits.

Is your company the best one to provide Mobiliz’s services in your territory? Check yourself:

If your company already possesses:

  • A large customer base and robust infrastructure,
  • Established advertising channels for promotions and marketing,
  • An active call center for customer support, or
  • A large billing/settlement platform

Some examples of qualified companies may be: Parking operators (both on-street  and off-street), big retailers or large distributors, financial and credit institutions and convenience chain stores that may be able to offer their clients the convenience of paying by phone.

Below the roles and responsibilities between Mobiliz Global and Local reps


  • Provides its expertise and know-how in the mobile parking business, including support for preparing tenders and business plans, and setting up infrastructure for local operations and marketing
  • Supplies its robust technology as SAS (software as a service), for high-volume, secure and reliable operation
  • Offers access to international agreements with established hardware manufacturers, operators and commercial establishments
  • Provides guidelines on marketing and promotional activities
  • License the right to use its intellectual property  in local territories
  • Global Hosting services (IVR, Web, etc)
  • Software and solution  maintenance
  • Technical support to Local representatives
  • Product R&D: updates and upgrades
  • Localization and customization to support local market requirements and regulations
  • The platform is offered as a complete solution so the Local Representative can focus on developing long lasting relationships and growing its local business

Local Representative’s

  • Promote, negotiate and close contracts with municipalities, parking operators, commercial developers, universities and retailers
  • Identify new opportunities in the local market – private and public sectors
  • Understand and handle local regulations required for enabling the service
  • Local Marketing , advertising and PR– B2C
  • Direct marketing to parking operators / retailers/ car fleet corporations/ users
  • Provide local customer support services to operators, retailers and end users
  • Maintain their local website
  • Liaison with Mobiliz Global for any new requirement and software improvement
  • Clearing and settlement with customers and providers