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The following frequently asked questions that are applicable to all users regardless of type Mobiliz account

  • What is a Mobiliz account?
  • A prepaid parking service

  • What are the types of Mobiliz account?
    • Individual
    • Corporate
    • Commercial
    • Independent Distributor
  • How can I opt out  from  an individual account in which my phone number was registered?
  • There are two ways: You can ask the account holder to proceed to unsubscribe, or do it yourself by accessing the system via the web at the option of "opting out of an account"

  • If I am the account holder, can I add many additional users on my account?
  • There is no limit

  • ¿Can I limit the payment schedule of any of my additional users?
  • Yes of course. Just access your account, go to the profile section and the service you want to limit and update it

  • What are the different ways I could recharge my balance?
  • You must  have a prepaid balance in your account before using it. You can reload it with any credit or debit card, via PayPal, by having another user transfering you,  by an  independent distributor or by an authorized reload center.

  • How many credit cards I can register?
  • There is no limit, but for safety a credit card can only be assigned to an account Mobiliz.

  • What does the data from my credit card?
  • All sensitive data provided by our members are treated confidentially and stored and is encrypted. Also, do not store the security key card, without it nobody can make use of the card.

  • Is there any way to automatically recharge my account balance when it reaches a certain threshold so that it is always ready to pay?
  • Yes, you only need to access the Account Profile option and set the desired recharge amount that will be charged to your credit card when your balance reaches the minimum established.

  • Can anyone use my credit card to fund another account?
  • No. For safety reasons, a credit / debit card can only be registered for one account within the whole platform.

  • Can anyone see the details of my credit card?
  • No. All sensitive data such as your personal credit card and passwords are encrypted and stored in this manner in the database, thus ensuring that no person while having direct access to the database can identify.

  • What is my User ID Mobiliz?
  • Your main identifier is just the cell phone number which is unique worldwide. However, you  also will able to access your account by  web ,  email and a userID,  that you  will create when you register.

  • What happen if I lost my cell phone?
  • Your account information will be safe. Mobiliz never saves any personal or account information in your Cellphone. You just have to call your cellular operator asking to stop your cellular service, so whoever has it in his possession, cannot make use of it. Meanwhile, you can access the site Mobiliz your account and proceed with the option of suspending the use of the account Mobiliz solve your problem as lost or stolen mobile operator. You can also (though not necessary) permanently cancel your account.

  • What happens if I change my cell phone number?
  • No problem, you can change the registered cell phone number in your account Mobiliz just by going online. To do this you have previously confirmed at least your email account.

    Parking Payment

  • Where can I  pay my parking by phone?
  • You can pay on-street parking as well as in closed parking lots that are receiving payments by Mobiliz.

  • Will all  parking facilities  accept payments with my  Mobiliz account?
  • No. Only affiliated parking facilities accept payment by phone.

  • How  would  I know a parking facility  is affiliated to Mobiliz?
  • You can consult online in the section "Locations" the website.   If you are in the parking facility: On street parking will have signs in the posts and stickers in parking meters with a location number and the distinctive Mobiliz’ logo – the bee. When you are in a gated  parking lots, check if the ticket has printed the phone number to call to pay and the distinctive logo of the Mobiliz’ bee.

  • How I can start paying for parking with my cell phone?
  • The very first time you want to pay a parking with your phone it will take a little bit longer, since you’ll need to indicate the method of payment, and if you are in an on-street parking and  your car’ License Plate number. Another option to start is that any client or any independent Mobiliz’ distributor transfers money from his to your account balance so your phone will be able to perform the parking transaction. The third option to start paying is to go directly to any of the authorized recharge centers and pre pay a certain amount to your account Mobiliz.

  • I registered by phone and made some parking payments, now to make another payment the system is asking me to go online and complete my registration. What is that?
  • If you registered by phone, you will have a limited number of opportunities to use the service without having finished the registration via the Internet, besides completing your profile, you will need to confirm ownership of your telephone number and your email account

  • How many cars I can register to pay for parking?
  • There is no limit, you can register all plates of all cars you have

  • By what means can I pay?
  • You can pay by phone or via web browser, either computer or phone.

  • What number do I have to call to pay for parking?
  • In every parking location there is a sign that announces the phone number to dial. Simply dial the phone appears in the parking lot and follow the instructions, or if you prefer log online and pay.

  • How I can be sure that the parking payment transaction I just made was been successful?
  • When performing any transaction -either by phone or the internet- , the system will confirm directly the result of the transaction. In addition, the system will email to the registered email address the payment receipt with confirmation data. Optionally, you can choose to receive confirmations via text messages, which could have an additional cost.

  • Is there a way to remind me that my active on-street parking transaction is about to expire?
  • Yes, there is the option to receive alerts via text messages as a reminder to refill an active parking transaction before expires. However, only the account holder is the one who can decide to activate or deactivate. This service may have an additional cost, see Terms and Conditions

  • I got a parking ticket and I’m sure I had an active paid transaction at the time I was ticketed. What can I do?
  • The system does not allow officers to fine a car with an active current transaction in a specific location. Thus there are two options: Probably the officer ticketed you manually,  off the system manually and he didn’t  verify that you had an active transaction .In this case, you and the parking operator have access to detailed payment records and validity of them. If the fine was issued within the range of validity appears in the payment log, the operator will request the cancellation or refund the payment of the fine.  The other option is that you made a mistake in the process of paying for parking, entering a wrong location or by selecting a plate of another of your cars. In this case, there is nothing to do.

  • Can I pay my  parking from another phone that is not mine?
  • Yes, you can pay for parking  from any landline or mobile. In that case  the system will ask for your password.

  • Can I  pay for someone else’s parking  from my phone?
  • Yes but  check if your account type is able to pay for someone else’s parking.

  • Are there limits on maximum  number of transactions ,amounts paid, recharges, transfers and generally  account transactions?
  • Yes. The limits are set for safety as well as to comply with regulations. The limits are pre-set for  each of the account types. Please Check Terms and Conditions


    Individual User

  • How I can I register to start using the service?
  • You can do it via the Internet by clicking here or calling XXXXXXXXXXX , or just when you make your first  call to pay  .

  • Can I add my family members to my account to let them pay their parking from my balance?
  • Yes you can, simply access your account and add the plates of their cars and cell phones as additional users in your account

  • If I am the individual account holder.  Can I be also an additional user of another individual account?
  • No. For safety reasons, a phone number cannot be registered in two individual accounts.

  • Can I pay for someone else’s  parking from my phone?
  • Yes, as long as you are the account holder or an authorized additional user, authorized to pay for someone else’ parking. In this case, just go to the option of paying for parking and indicates that it is for someone else, and dial or enter his car license Plate and optionally his phone number so he will be receiving the parking payment receipt via SMS.

  • Can I send money to someone else from my account balance?
  • Yes, as long as you are the account holder or an additional user authorized to transfer money to someone else. In this case, just go to the option of transferring money, enter the destination’s cell phone and Mobiliz will be making the transaction and sending a confirmation via SMS.

  • What are the costs for the service?
  • Some services are free and some not. For details please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

  • Why there are transactions limits I my account?
  • Some limits are set to improve security and others to comply with local regulations. The limits are pre-set in each of the account types. See Terms and Conditions



  • What is Corporate Account?
  • A type of account that allows companies to have an efficient and safely mechanism to have their authorized employees paying for parking with their cellphones.

  • Who is the target of corporate accounts?
  • Any business of any size that requires a reliable and powerful platform is the target. Mobiliz let  their authorized employees to pay for parking by charging directly their corporate account.  Companies used to reimburse users their parking fees, either because they are part of the sales force or,  because they have it as a fringe benefit.

  • What is the difference between corporate and individual account?
  • Technically there is no difference. The only difference is that in the corporate account is the company who is responsible for the funding of the account as well as the usage of their employees.

  • What does it take to create a corporate account?
  • Only your phone number and a credit card (or deposit money in any affiliate establishment)

  • Can I be a user of more than one corporate account at the same time?
  • No. For safety reasons a phone number can only be attached to one corporate account.

  • How I can opt-out from a corporate account?
  • There are two ways: You can ask the corporate account holder to erase your phone number from their authorized users, or,  by doing it yourself by accessing the system via the web  and going to the "opting out of an account" option.

  • Can I  be linked to one individual account and one corporate account at the same time?
  • Yes, indeed. Please note that the use of the corporate account overrides the use of the individual account. This means that if a user is on schedule and is allowed to pay for parking by both his individual account and his corporate’, the system will pay from his corporate account balance.

  • How many employees and how many cars can I add to my corporate account?
  • You can register an unlimited number of both employees and car license plates.

  • Who manages the account?
  • The account manager is the account holder and is the one who created it. Additional users on your account have only limited powers

  • ¿I can get a bill for all parking that is paid from my account?
  • Yes

  • Can an employee use any registered car to pay for parking?
  • Yes

  • Can an employee add a License Plate as well as pay for someone else’s parking ?
  • Employees cannot add License plates or pay for someone else’s parking.

  • Can an  employee transfers money to another account?
  • No, Corporate accounts are not allowed to transfer money. Transfers are made only at the individual account.

  • Can I configure an allowed schedule for each employee?
  • Yes, even you can set exceptions

  • Can I pay for parking from another phone that is not register or doesn’t belong to me?
  • Yes, any authorized employee can pay for his parking from any landline or mobile. Once the system recognizes that you’re not calling for your registered phone, the system will prompt you for your phone and your password.


    Commercial Establishment

  • What is a commercial establishment account?
  • Is an account type that is created by a merchant to perform certain marketing specific transactions such as:

    • parking validations
    • refills balance individual and business accounts
    • Loyalty points
    • Call-to-action coupons

  • How do I register as a commercial establishment?
  • To register please  contact us here.

    ================================================== ===================================

    Independent Distributor

  • What is an Independent Distributor  account?

    • An independent distributor account is a reseller account that allows individuals, social groups, or small businesses, to become an authorized point of recharge for other users in the ecosystem
    • Anyone interested in becoming a recharging point Mobiliz can register your account and automatically pre-load is enabled to perform certain specific transactions such as:

      • Payment of parking by someone else
      • refills balance individual and business accounts

  • What benefits are  obtained by an Independent Distributor?
  • Depending on the sales volume of prepaid parking you make, as an independent distributor you will get a certain commission percentage.

  • How do I register as an Independent Distributor?
  • To register as an independent distributor contact us here.


    Parking Operator

  • What is a Parking Operator Account?
  • This account type allows a Parking Operator to implement a complete parking platform to let customers to pay their parking by phone. The parking Operatos defines zones, locations and collection of parking fees.

    On-Street Parking

  • What does a Parking Operator Account  offers me as an on-street  parking facility Operator?
    • Allows you to implement, with the minimum investment -of  just placing  signs and stickers on the current post’ signs,  PAD’s and meters-  a cost-effective cell phone-comprehensive parking system allowing your customers to pay by phone, eliminating the associated problems to cash management, supervision, enforcement  and monitoring
    • Allows you to add an unlimited number of users become enforcers, who through their  cell phones can monitor active parking transactions at any time and ticket those cars that doesn’t have an active parking transaction.
    • Allows you to define zones and divide each zone into an unlimited number of locations.
    • Define schedules by zone, as well as exceptions.
    • Sets maximum time to park, tolerance to recharge and to ticket.
    • Define types of tariffs by zone, fixed, variable and dynamic
    • Allows you to register residential permits
  • How does the on-street parking payment system works?
  • Once the operator  created  his account and defined its parameters and placed signs in the zone, the system is ready to start  receiving payments coming from Mobiliz’ users.  Then the user just dials (or log online in the Internet) giving the system the location number in which he is willing to park. Then, the user is asked to select the car to park and the minutes to park. From there, the system collects the appropriate amount deducted from the active user account and the transaction starts to count time backwards. As parking transaction is active, the transaction will appear on the monitor screen of the enforcer officer.
    The money is deposited on the Operator’s checking account by Mobiliz so the parking operator do not have to handle cash anymore.

  • What is required to register as an Operator?
  • The registration process is very simple. Click here to contact

    Off-Street parking

  • What does a  Parking Operator Account  offers me as an Off-street  parking facility Operator?
  • Allows you to implement, without further investment  to place signs in your  parking lots and printing the legend in all tickets saying “pay with your  phone” , showing  the  Mobiliz logo and phone number to call . As a parking Operator you get  a comprehensive parking payment platform allowing your clients to pay by phone. The platform integrates with your existent access control infrastructure,  eliminating the problems related to cash management.

    The platform allows the Off-Street parking Operator to :

    • Define special calendars , schedules, exceptions, limits and tolerances
    • Define types of rates by zone, fixed, variable and dynamic
    • Define pensions and residential permits
    • Allows commercial establishments to perform parking tickets validations to their customers
    • Allows users to charge the parked time through their phones without this having to physically make a payment at checkout.
    • You receive parking payments directly on your checking account, no more cash to  handle


  • How does the payment system for parking Locked phone?
  • Once your parking server has been integrated to Mobiliz’ platform, the system is ready to begin receiving payments by phone from your customers.

  • My parking lot has entry and exit barriers but is not connected to any automated payment system. We have live cashiers to receive payments. ¿Can I implement the Mobiliz platform?
  • Yes you can. However we can prove you that by automating it, you’ll get a better cost benefit ratio. Contact Us.

  • What is required to register as a Parking Operator?
  • The registration process is very simple. Click here to Contact Us