End Users

With Mobiliz any person can pay their parking meters or parking lot with their cellphones without the need of carrying cash or credit cards, and to make the line to pay at the payment machine.. Mobiliz works in any on-street as well as in any off-street parking facility. Allows the user to register as many cars as he has, and as many authorized users to pay for parking from his account as he wants. It let a user to pay parking for a car that is not even registered within the system.

Additionally, the platform allows the user to pay for any product or service at any affiliated establishment to Mobiliz, such as movie theaters, newspapers and magazines, taxis, retailers, etc..

Where local regulation allows, Mobiliz’ users can also transfer money to any other person anywhere in the world who has a telephone, either a mobile or landline.

Mobiliz let the user account holder to set in his profile the maximum number and amounts for each transaction type. User can also set a PIN to be prompted before executing a transaction above certain amount. All information is in both directions encrypted as well as sensitive information stored in database . To increase security and privacy, Mobiliz never uses text messaging to perform any transactions or to send private or sensitive information, so if the phone is stolen or lost, any personal information will be compromised.

When someone registers as a Mobiliz’ user preloads his account with a certain amount of money, either with a deposit in cash in a bank or in any affiliated retailer, or by using his credit card.. After the account is created and funded. payments and transfers could be made at any time. For user’s convenience, accounts can be set to be automatically recharged, by allowing the account holder to define the amount to be recharged when a minimum set balance is reached. Thus, the account will always have funds available to perform any operation.

Account holder can add all his relative’s cell phone numbers to authorize them to pay from his account. Obviously he can set allowed services, amount limits and schedules for each one of their users

Mobiliz has several user interfaces so that besides the Cell phone number all users can access their Mobiliz account via the Internet, either with his cellphone Number, their user ID or email address and a password.

Creating a Individual Mobiliz account is quick and easy, just click here and go to register, or call phone XXXXXXXXXXX
In Summary: Mobiliz allows individuals to pay for their parking time through their mobile phones by linking an account that has a positive balance with the user’s mobile number. This is extremely practical since they no longer have to carry coins, and can pay for parking from wherever they are.

An individual can start paying for parking from the first call, whether he is a registered user of Mobiliz or not, since his information will be recorded . If he is not registered, he’ll be asked to fund his account by credit card or other way and pay for his parking. Additional benefits include associating multiple phones and license plates with his account, therefore extending the benefits of this service to relatives. The individual user can also subscribe to alarms so that he is notified when his parking time is about to end, providing the convenience of recharging the current parking spot from the convenience of his mobile phone and preventing the issuance of tickets for expired parking time. He can also pay for someone else’s parking, or can be paid for his parking time by someone else.
All individual accounts are able to transfer funds. Therefore, people can send each other money from their accounts – all they need to know is the other person’s mobile number. This could also be done internationally (money remittances) where both countries’ regulations allow it
Besides the IVR interface, all Mobiliz’s functionality can be accessed on-line and by any Smartphone .
Creating an Individual Mobiliz account is quick and easy, just click here and go to register, or call phone XXXXXXXXXXX