Corporations can control all parking expenses by creating a Mobiliz Corporate account. With a Corporate account the company can pay for employee’s parking whether they are in sales or delivery departments, or just as a compensation benefit.

    • The employer (or the employee, if he employer gives them access) will register all phone numbers of the employees that will receive this service. Additionally, license plates will be linked. This registration procedure will be done only through a web browser and only the employer’s member account owner will be able to add/edit/delete this information


    • During the setup process for this service, the employer (corporate member account owner) can specify some attributes under which this service will be offered to authorized employees. These are to ensure that the parking payments are done during working hours and days . Specific attributes include:


    • Time of usage (eg. 9 AM – 5 PM), same for all employees or different hours for some employees


    • Day of the Week (Mon-Fri, every day), same for all employees, and exceptions.


    • Maximum amount to spend for parking per month for the overall corporate account


    • The time of usage limits set by the employer’s member account owner will be the same across time zones. Therefore, in the case where the employer is under time zone EST and allows the service from 9 AM – 5 PM, an employee in California (PST) could not use the service at 7 AM PST (even if it would be 10 AM EST). He could use this service from 9 AM – 5 PM PST. This is important for business travelers


    • Additionally, during this setup process employers will be asked to fund their accounts either by
        • Credit card (and can be set to recharge automatically)


        • Prepaid card or any POSA or PIMD



    • Employers can also set automatic recharge parameters so that service continuity is assured. Therefore, they can specify a minimum amount threshold that when met can automatically charge their credit card by a specified amount. Conversely, if they do not want to automate the payment by credit card, notifications can be sent at a determined balance threshold to add funds to their account by purchasing a prepaid card or by paying through a credit card


    • Once this setup has been done, authorized employees can use their mobile phones to pay for parking. Even if they have an individual account to pay for their own parking, when they perform a parking transaction within the specified attributes by the employer, the corporate account will be debited for such transaction


    • The last license plate used by him is offered as default. The user can’t add or modify the license plates attached to his cell phone number, only the corporate member account owner can do so


    • When an enforcement officer queries Mobiliz (by entering a Location ID, for instance) the license plate that was selected by the user will be shown


Creating a Corporate Mobiliz account is quick and easy, if you are the owner, manager or you are in charge of the company just click here and go to register.