What is Mobiliz ?

Mobiliz offers a service that integrates payments and location and time based targeted marketing from the convenience of the mobile phone. Payments can be made to businesses or to other people, both national and internationally – directly from any mobile phone or wireless device , regardless of the carrier or type of plan, and is not tied to a bank or financial institution. Therefore customers include the banked and unbanked. All transactions are secure and no information is stored on the phone, so funds are safe in case the device is stolen

Mobiliz provides an alternative to cash for local and remote payments that eliminates high initial and maintenance costs – no POS hardware required. All that is required to send/receive funds is a mobile phone (IVR, SMS, web app) or a web browser. Transactions are immediate and users have access to their funds from their mobile device. The service targets both the banked and unbanked, since no bank account is needed. Last, it provides multiple funding modes including credit card and cash.

On the marketing side, there are no initial or maintenance costs for Retailers, no hardware/software to install, and no need for printing or distributing cards or coupons. All marketing programs are carried all the time by users on their mobile phones. The registration, accumulation and redemption processes are automatic and take place at the point of purchase (POP). Marketing efforts are targeted by user profile, location and time, reaching users at the right time in the right place via their mobile phones.

The nature of the service is a centralized delivery model, with no hardware or software to install. It is carrier, device and financial institution agnostic. Users interact via a mobile phone, landline , application or web browser.