• Individuals or Families
    Use it individually or add any of your relative's phone numbers and car's license plates and allow them to pay for their parking from your account.
    Corporations and Employers
    Companies can add employees and license plates to pay for their parking in defined zones and calendars
    Parking Operators
    Parking Operators can implement the Mobiliz' pay by phone platform and start charging for on-street parking without the need of any equipment investment
    What is Mobil iz ?
    Mobiliz is a platform that offers a service that integrates payments and targeted marketing from the convenience of the mobile phone. Payments can be made to businesses or to other people, both national and internationally - directly from the phone.

    This service works on any mobile phone, regardless of the carrier and works both for users of pre-paid and post-paid plans. All payments are secure and no information is stored on the phone - this means no loss of funds in case of a stolen or lost phone...
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    Latest News

    Mobiliz launches an integrated payment and marketing platform that makes the most of the mobile technology , works in every country and is carrier agnostic.
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    Local opportunities - Represent Mobiliz in your country
    Mobiliz is an international platform that partners with a top local leader in each country that can leverage the fast penetration and traction in the region.

    Companies leading the local parking, retail or financial areas in their countries can make the most of their market and diversify by becoming the leading mobile payments and targeted marketing player in their region.